The Academy of Teaching at The Ohio State University is comprised of faculty who are past recipients of Ohio State’s most prestigious awards for teaching, the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching (AADT) and the Provost's Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer.
Each year, through a rigorous selection process, ten new AADT winners and three new Provost's Award winners are recognized and inducted into the Academy. For more information, please read the history of the AADT and the Academy of Teaching. Members of the Academy meet periodically about matters related to teaching excellence at The Ohio State University. In addition, the Academy organizes events that help celebrate and promote teaching excellence at Ohio State.


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Welcome to our newest Academy members!

We welcome into the Academy of Teaching the recipients of the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer, respectively.

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching

  • Rebecca Dupaix
  • Caryn Filson
  • H. Eugene Folden Jr.
  • Amanda

Academy of Teaching Conference Teams Up With Innovate

This year, The Academy of Teaching’s annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching and Learning is partnering with Innovate, the annual educational technology conference hosted by the Office of Distance Education and e-Learning (ODEE). That means that concurrent sessions for the …