Welcome to Our Newest Members!

The Academy of Teaching is pleased to welcome its newest members – the 2015 recipients of the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer.

Avraham Benatar (Department of Materials Science and Engineering)
Vondolee Delgado-Nixon (College of Optometry)
Christopher Highley (Department of English)
Julie Hupp (Department of Psychology)
Lawrence Inks, Jr. (Department of Management and Human Resources)
Kristie Sigler (School of Communication)
Karl Whittington (Department of History of Art)
Scott Jones (School of Music)
Jennifer Patton (Department of English)
W. Scott McGraw (Department of Anthropology)
Robin Judd (Department of History)
Teresa Burns (Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences)
Stephanie Moulton (John Glenn College of Public Affairs)