Call For Proposals


Academy of Teaching Spring Conference 2023:

Challenges & Opportunities: Anticipating the Future(s) of Pedagogy

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
8:30 am – 3:00 pm
The Blackwell Inn & Conference Center, 2110 Tuttle Park Place

The Academy of Teaching invites members of the Ohio State teaching community to submit proposals for its Annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching & Learning. This year’s theme, “Challenges and opportunities: Anticipating the future(s) of pedagogy,” explores the question of what comes next in the world of teaching and learning in higher education. What new tools, techniques, and methodologies will we adopt or adapt as we face an uncertain future? Whether it’s in one year, five years, or even longer, what do we imagine will emerge as key critical issues affecting the practical, technological, ethical, and philosophical aspects of our craft?

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Proposals are currently being accepted for 20-minute presentations in the following suggested areas: 

  • Teaching in the era of COVID-19 (e.g., adopting practices of trauma-informed pedagogy in the classroom, how to demonstrate instructional flexibility, etc.)
  • The future of teaching with technology (e.g., the opportunities afforded by innovative new educational software, or the challenges associated with AI-based cheating)
  • Adapting to the new General Education curriculum (e.g., new course designs/re-designs)
  • The future of outreach and engagement (e.g., developing long-term, sustainable community partnerships in service-learning courses)
  • The future of instructional support (e.g., developing mentoring programs for new faculty, new approaches to training graduate teaching associates, etc.)

In addition to longer presentations, we invite submissions for several Lightning Round presentations. Lightning Round presentations should adhere to the following guidelines: 

  •  Focus on topics related to teaching and learning practice (e.g., novel assignment designs, innovative approaches or methods, and the like)  
  • 3-5 minutes in length 
  • Supplemented with visuals and other media that can be incorporated into a common slideshow

Proposal submission instructions:

  • DEADLINE: Please submit your proposal no later than February 24 at 5 p.m.
  • FORMAT: Please have the following information ready in order to complete the form:
    • Presentation Title
    • Presenter: Name, academic unit(s), and email address
    • Presentation Type: 20-minute or lightning round talk
    • Specific learning outcomes for the session (i.e., “Participants will…”)
    • Summarize the purpose/value and content of your session as well as any evidence (scholarship, assessments) to support your claims. Also, briefly address how your session connects to the theme of the conference. The abstract will serve as the description used to help participants decide which sessions to attend and should be worded as such. Please write in the third person. Limit: 200 words.