Academy of Teaching brings important discussions to the breakfast table

On the morning of September 12, 2019, members of OSU’s Academy of Teaching met at the Blackwell Inn for their annual Fall Breakfast. Over coffee, bagels, bacon, and other breakfast fare, 33 attendees discussed a variety of issues that affect the academy and its future development.

Scott Jones and table members at the Academy of Teaching breakfast

Academy of Teaching Executive Council member, Scott Jones, leads a table discussion at the group’s annual Fall Breakfast.

Whereas in past years, the Academy’s Fall Breakfast served as an occasion to hear from OSU administrators and other people on central to the teaching mission at the university, this year’s event was presented as an opportunity for the members themselves to interact more with one another and discuss various ways that the Academy can become a more influential voice at OSU.

After welcoming newly inducted members, tables were given specific discussion topics related to the Academy of Teaching organization and teaching and learning more broadly. These discussion topics were based on the results of a preliminary survey given out to Academy members. These topics included: increasing engagement with regional campus members, developing dialogue with university administration, promoting Academy activities more effectively, assisting with revisions to the Student Evaluation of Instruction form (SEI), and providing more opportunities to share best practices, professional development workshops, and other resources to the larger teaching community.

Following table discussion, each group reported back to the whole room with summaries of the key points raised during their conversations, as well as specific suggestions for practical action items. As for next steps, the Executive Council will discuss the feedback gathered during the Fall Breakfast and develop plans for implementing the recommendations that grew out of this valuable conversation.

Each year, recipients of the Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer become part of the Academy of Teaching.

The 2019 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching recipients are:

  • Jackie Blount, Educational Studies
  • Elena Foulis , Spanish and Portuguese
  • Claire Kamp Dush, Human Sciences
  • Greg Nixon, Optometry
  • Jonathan Ezell, Architecture, Knowlton School of
  • Tami Augustine, Teaching and Learning
  • Peter Craigmile, Statistics
  • Glenn Martinez, Spanish and Portuguese
  • John Horack, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Danielle Marx-Scouras, French and Italian
  • Chad Rappleye, Microbiology

The 2019 Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer are:

  • Satya Seetharaman, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Thomas Stewart, Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership
  • Christine Griffin, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, School of
  • Sinead Yarberry, Nursing
  • Galit Golan, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures